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The Ochodaeidae are a widely distributed family, with about 80 relatively small (3.0 to 10 mm long) species grouped in 12 genera. Adults are usually reddish brown, predominantly active at night, therefore, most often collected at light. Their biology is very poorly or not at all known.

Only the subfamily Ochodaeinae, with two genera and about 30 species, is found in the Palearctic region. In the Levant only the genus Ochodaeus Dejean, 1821 occurs, with four species, two of them endemic.

Genus Ochodaeus Dejean, 1821

Ochodaeus berytensis Petrovitz, 1965 - Israel/Palestine, Lebanon
Ochodaeus cornifrons Solsky, 1876 - Israel/Palestine, Syria
Ochodaeus gigas Marseul, 1878 - Egypt Sinai
Ochodaeus inscutellaris Pic, 1900 - Israel/Palestine