Tribe Rhizotrogini

With some 10,000 described species, and many more still undescribed species, the Melolonthinae are an example of an extremely species rich phytophagous beetle lineage. They constitute an ecologically and taxonomically diverse group within the Scarabaeoidea (Scarabs, Chafers, June Beetles etc…). The Melolonthinae are characterized, among others, by white grub larvae that feed on the roots of grasses, palms and various groups of trees. Many species occur in grasslands and are crop pests (Hurpin, 1962; Britton, 1978). The most severely affected plants occur in the tropical regions, but severe damage to agriculture also has been reported in many regions. In Western Europe, damage is mainly caused by species of the genera Melolontha Fabricius, 1775 (Régnier, 1950; Hurpin, 1962) and Amphimallon Berthold, 1827 (Régnier, 1939, 1940, 1950; Gambrell, 1946; Hurpin, 1962).

The Rhizotrogini is a large tribe of Melolonthinae, which groups together about 1400 species from Palaearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical and Oriental regions (Sabatinelli and Pontuale, 1998).

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Phylogeny of western Palaearctic Rhizotrogini from O.Montreuil, 2008
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Distribution of Amphimallon from O.Montreuil, 2008

Genus Amadotrogus

Amadotrogus truncatus Brenske, 1886 (Rhizotrogus) - Lebanon

Genus Amphimallon

This genus is composed of approximately 60 species inhabiting the Western–Palaearctic region. It is distributed across Europe (except in the northern regions), in the Middle East, from Central Asia to Siberia, and in Northern Africa (Morocco, Northern Algeria). Despite recent phylogenetic and taxonomic work focusing on the Rhizotrogini (Medvedev, 1951; Baraud, 1977, 1985, 1992; Coca Abia, 1995; Montreuil, 2000 and 2008).

Amphimallon jedlickai Balthasar, 1936 - Syria
Amphimallon leuthneri Reitter, 1902 - Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
Amphimallon solstitiale setosum Reitter, 1902

Genus Aplidia

Aplidia akbesiana Petrovitz, 1971 (Haplidia) - Turkey, Syria
Aplidia baraudi Sabatinelli, 1991 (Haplidia) - Jordan
Aplidia caesarina Reitter, 1902 (Haplidia) - Turkey, Israel
Aplidia chaifensis Kraatz, 1882 (Haplidia) - Israel
Aplidia dilatata Reitter, 1902 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Syria
Aplidia endroedii Baraud, 1988 (Haplidia) – Israel ?, Jordan
Aplidia fissa fissa Burmeister, 1855 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Syria
Aplidia janczyki Baraud, 1988 (Haplidia) – Israel, Lebanon, Syria
Aplidia joannis Baraud, 1988 (Haplidia) – Israel ?, Lebanon, Syria
Aplidia lizleri Keith, 2000 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Syria, Israel ?
Aplidia nitidula Kraatz, 1882 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Israel, Syria
Aplidia petrovitzi petrovitzi Baraud, 1988 (Haplidia) – Israel, Syria
Aplidia pilicollis pilicollis Petrovitz, 1967 (Haplidia) – Turkey
Aplidia pilicollis temperei Baraud, 1988 (Haplidia) – Lebanon
Aplidia tarsensis Kraatz, 1882 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Syria
Aplidia villosicollis Kraatz, 1882 (Haplidia) – Israel, Lebanon, Syria
Aplidia werneri Keith, 2000 (Haplidia) – Turkey, Syria

Genus Gnaphalostetha

Gnaphalostetha bonvoisini Reiche and Saulcy, 1856 - Israel, Jordan
Gnaphalostetha hiemalis Baraud, 1990 (Lasiexis) – Jordan

Genus Holochelus

Holochelus (Holochelus) fallax fallax Marseul, 1879 (Rhizotrogus) – Turkey, Syria
Holochelus (Holochelus) fallax mandator Reitter, 1902 (Rhizotrogus) – Syria
Holochelus (Holochelus) gigas Sabatinelli, 1977 (Miltotrogus) – Lebanon, Syria
Holochelus (Holochelus) pilicollis pilicollis Gyllenhal, 1817 (Melolontha) – Turkey, Syria
Holochelus (Holochelus) setiventris Reitter, 1902 (Rhizotrogus) – Israel, Lebanon, Syria
Holochelus (Miltotrogus) angustifrons Nonveiller, 1965 (Miltotrogus) – Syria
Holochelus (Miltotrogus) mimicus Reitter, 1902 (Rhizotrogus) – Turkey, Syria
Holochelus (Miltotrogus) rapuzzii Keith, 2004 – Syria
Holochelus (Miltotrogus) syriacus Brenske, 1886 (Rhizotrogus) – Lebanon, Syria

Genus Madotrogus

Madotrogus (Micramphimallon) sinaicus Baraud, 1975 (Eriotrogus) – Sinai

Genus Pseudotrematodes

Pseudotrematodes frivaldszkyi Menetries, 1836 (Rhizotrogus) – Turkey, Syria

Genus Rhizotrogus

Rhizotrogus schaufussi Brenske, 1891 – Syria

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